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  Board members are volunteers elected by the Membership to serve a three-year term.
The Ilda Board is responsible for overseeing the operation of Ilda Pool. The Boad generally meets once a month for one to two hours to conduct general business. Members are welcome to attend. Addional meetings may be held outside the regularly schedule ones during the busy summertime. Board terms are three years in length with exception of swim and dive reaps. See descriptions below.





Preside at the annual meeting and at all meetings of the board. Call regular and special meetings of the board or the membership as necessary. Assure that the books, reports, statements and certificates required by the pool by-laws, the state and other appropriate governmental authority are properly kept, made and filed.    
 The Vice President has all the power, authority and duties of the president during the absence of the president. Vice President also ensures that the Ilda soda machine stays functioning and stocked and is responsible for maintaining the Pavilion schedule of activities/parties.    
Responsible for all funds, securities, valuable papers, and other intangible assets of the pool. Provide and maintain full and complete records of all assets and liabilities. Prepares and submits at each board meeting a financial statement. Makes a full financial report including a proposed budget for the following year, at the annual meeting.    




Takes care of the capital assets of the pool that are not handled by the Pool Management company, mainly the building and grounds during on and off season. Tasks include lawn mowing, minor plumbing repairs, grounds work outside the fence and general overall maintenance.
Main point of contact with pool management company and its guards. Responsible for purchasing basic pool operating supplies throughout the season (e.g. Pine Sol, paper towels, band aids). On years when the management contract is up for renewal, responsible for leading the request for proposal process.
 Prepare, maintain and publish full minutes of all meetings of the members and of the Board; provide proper notice of all meetings to the membership and the Board. Maintain the record of membership of the Association and perform such other administrative duties. 




Serve as main point of contact for pool membership. Work alonside treasurer and secretary to coordinate and manage administrative duties including share records, applications and dues collection for all members.
Organize Friday Night Socials. Weekly duties include maintaining social supplies coordinating setup and clean up for the socials; emailing social committee volunteers for sides, desserts, and servers. Also promoting and coordinating other pool events including Labor Day Bash, Ildafest and other opportunities as they arise.
Coordinate all swim or dive activities including hiring coaches; organzing meets by recruiting volunteers for event management and  concession operations; interface with league and division opponents. NOTE: does not serve full three-year term.