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2018 Application

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  1. Current / Active Members
    We look forward to seeing you at the pool this season to enjoy all of the wonderful activities and events at Ilda. The 2017 application will be mailed to all members by the end of March or you may download a PDF below.
    2018 annual dues - $480 Full payment is due by May 31, 2018 (or be subject to a $25 late fee). All members whose payment is received by May 1, 2018 will receive 10 free guest passes.
  2. New Members
    Thank you for your interest in joining Ilda Pool. To become a member you will need to purchase a Membership Share plus 2017 annual dues (which includes a maintenance feed).
    Ilda Pool Share - $300 2018 Annual Dues - $480 Total - $780 Payment plans are available. Contact [email protected] for details.
  3. Military Members
    To show our appreciation for the service you perform, active-duty military members are exempt from buying a share.
    2018 annual dues = $450
  4. Inactive Members
    If you are not able to enjoy the pool this season, but wish to retain your membership, you have the option of submitting an inactive payment.
    Inactive Shareholder Dues: $150
  5. 2018 Summer Only
    For one summer only, a Summer Membership is available for non-shareholders. This membership is intended for families new to the neighborhood who wish to "test the Ilda water" and try us out.
    Our membership philosophy is that users of our pool shall purchase a share and become fully vested members of Ilda Pool. Special exceptions can be arranged for short-term families to the area. Please contact the membership director to discussion your situation and confirm whether you are eligible for this membership.
  6. Senior Members
    To show our appreciation for your longstanding membership, the annual dues for our Senior members, 70 years of age or older, will be $410.
    2018 annual dues: $410
A refundable Maintenance Fee has been established to encourage the support and participation of all Members to help volunteer at clean-up days, regular maintenance and social activities. 

Guest Passes are available for $5 each or 10 passes for $35 or 20 passes for $50.
Upon written request, Active Shareholder Members in good standing who move out of the area during the season can receive a refund for each full month affected after the move has taken place. We can also transfer your share to the new owners so they can start enjoying Ilda.

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